Answer with a blog post

I was working through my pile of unreads in Feedbin this morning, like you do, and Trys Mudford’s feed was lit up with “A quick guide to destructuring”.

(I use destructuring a lot, but I’m always down to read more on subjects even if I feel like I probably know all there is to know.)

The post begins:

I was pairing with a junior engineer and we came across a piece of code that confused them.

[Rather] than send a slack message, I thought I’d write a quick blog post on the subject.

What a simple but wonderful choice! Rather than trap the knowledge being imparted inside Slack, Trys wrote it up in a way the whole world could access. (This is made even more impactful, I’d argue, by the fact Trys’s blog has an RSS feed 🧡)

Bonus twist ending! It turns out I don’t know everything there is to know about JavaScript(!??), and I picked up a cool trick about initializing variables using nested object properties when using destructuring assigment. Jump over to the post to learn more!