Room temperature

We have a little electric kettle that sits on the kitchen counter. I like to top it up just before bed so it’s ready to flip on when I stumble out to make coffee in the morning.

It’s silly, but I find it comforting when the digital display blinks on, showing that the temperature of the water matches the thermostat in the house, just like yesterday and the day before that.

I’ve been thinking about why this caught my attention in the first place, and why it amuses me every single day. The easiest answer is: I’m a simple guy with simple diversions (like smiling about the kettle in the morning, apparently…).

More importantly, I think, is the fact I work with computers (and against them! 🤼) most of my waking hours. Despite literally operating with 1s and 0s, those fickle fuckers so often do something completely different from what we expect (only to do the right thing the very next time, just to be obnoxious).

It feels kinda nice to know there are things in the world — water, gravity, science, what have you — that work the way they’re supposed to, day in and day out ☺️