Follow Twitter accounts in Feedbin

If you’re like me, Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter feels like a good sign it’s finally time to peel away and do something different.

I’m spending more time on Mastodon again, the vibe feels… good. It’s more bumpin’ than I ever remember seeing, and — maybe for the first time ever in one of these mass migration spikes — the majority of the day-to-day discourse in my timeline isn’t completely dominated by meta chat about Mastodon itself. There are jokes and cool show-and-tells, and unlike contemporary Twitter it just feels like a genuinely nice place to hang out.

Still, not everyone I follow on Twitter is ready or cares to try out Mastodon, and there are some people and accounts I don’t want to completely lose touch with.

Feedbin, my RSS service of choice since 2013, has a nice little Twitter integration feature: add accounts by username, and tweets appear right alongside other feeds and newsletters.

Feedbin’s standard UI showing tweets from @ashur in the sidebar and tweet details in the main view.

With the drastic changes have been announced in just the first week, I’m not sure how much longer Twitter’s 3rd-party API access will be around. For now, though, this feels like a nice way to “follow” old Twitter pals without spending any time there.