Wheels Up

Howdy! My name is Ashur, and my pronouns are he/him/his. This [gestures unnecessarily] is my blog.

My goal here, broadly speaking, is to take the extra legroom afforded by a site of my own to think longer, slower thoughts than I do on Twitter. (They may not be better, mind you, but they could hardly be worse.)

What to Expect

I love building command-line tools, for work and for fun. (It’s quieter in the terminal, I think, than the buzzing, honking, unending chaos of an internet we’ve clogged with commerce and surveillance.)

I also tend a small stable of “art” bots in my spare time. They’re great at making me feel creative, if undeservedly so, and I like the idea they might bring a brief blip of joy to someone’s timeline.

I’ve had a few false starts, but a couple of years into futzing around with JavaScript in my spare time, I finally feel like I’m starting to get the hang of things. It feels pretty good.

All of which is to say: you can look forward to—or regret—following along as I fumble my way through the ups and downs of programming and re-learning web development.

Airplane in the clouds
Photo by 贝莉儿 DANIST

That’s it, I think? Maybe I’ll see you around 👋